Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can take a a lot of abuse from heavy foot traffic, spills, dirt, pet waste, water and other common messes that can make them look worn and dirty. The best way to extend the look, appearance and overall life of your carpets, is to have regular, professional, commercial carpet cleanings done to keep them always looking beautiful.

Unfortunately, not all cleaning providers are created equal … Not every cleaning company is properly trained or prepared to deep clean your carpets properly. For example, it is all too common that machines are loaded with the wrong types of soaps or chemicals, which don’t effectively rinse out and leave a sticky or soapy residue that will quickly re-soil. Some providers don’t know how to correctly extract the solutions from the carpets, leaving the carpets too saturated and welcoming the growth of mold and mildew. Other providers use a hot-water extraction, AKA, steam clean, more than once a year, which can oxidize carpet and break down the fibers. Unprofessional or incompetent companies can actually void the warranty on your carpet, so it is very important to use a reputable provider to clean your carpets.

Heavenly Maids offers a 100% Satisfaction guarantee (we will come back and re-clean the areas that were missed for free).

Hot-Water Extraction

Steam cleaning is an environmentally friendly and very effective way to remove dirt, stains, dust mites and other organisms that may be living in your carpet. On the flip side, it does require more drying time. Because of this, it must be scheduled during off hours. We also offer professional carpet cleaning care programs that can help extend the life of your carpets.


Low-moisture carpet cleaning systems can effectively increase the performance and appearance of your carpets, extend their life and minimize downtime commonly associated with carpet cleaning, due to moisture. The benefit of low-moisture cleaning, is it can be walked on soon after, and the service can be scheduled during normal business hours.


Window Cleaning

We offer residential and commercial full window cleaning services for all types of windows, big and small, interior and exterior, screens and tracts, and we use the absolute best eco-friendly cleaning solutions to keep your windows clean and spot-free for as long as possible.

The curb appeal of your office or facility is important, as it creates a positive impression on visitors, customers, employees and bystanders. One of the most prominent features of your building are exterior windows, so it is essential that they are clean and stay clean for as long as possible. We use water-fed pole systems and other advanced commercial window cleaning tools, to clean exterior windows and window frames up to 65 feet from the ground. The process is eco-friendly to plants, trees, shrubbery and building exteriors because we use ionized purified water, which leaves a deionized surface that helps keep dirt and other debris from re-attaching to windows. Pricing usually increases for cleaning windows above the first floor, because the degree of difficulty and equipment requirements also increase. With every window cleaning service we perform, the interior being included is an absolute must. What good are clean exterior windows if the interior window is dirty or smudged?

Heavenly Maids offers a 100% Satisfaction guarantee (we will come back and re-clean the areas that were missed for free).


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